Aug 25, 2015 · Benefits of Cob Homes Cob homes use basic materials like straw, clay and sand to make inexpensive, livable homes. Many people are choosing to build cob homes for a wide variety of reasons. Every person or family that decides on using cob to build a small family home has their own primary reason whether it is due to them being 'green' and more eco-friendly, less expensive or the fact that .... "/>

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Jan 21, 2022 - Cob is a natural building material made from sand, clay, water, some kind of fibrous or organic material (straw) and earth. It can be used to create artistic, sculptural forms and has been revived in recent years. About 30 percent of the world’s population lives in earthen homes.Building with earth and other natural materials is becoming a solution to our world’s. It really seems doable and the 3 authors actually live in cob houses. Their stories are included as well. I especially found the option of not paying a mortgage very appealing. Cob houses can be one or two stories, they have been around for centuries in.

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